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PHOTO 2022 08 04 13 57 10

Young People around Eu talk about Summer week 2022

Unica Radio Podcast
Unica Radio Podcast
Young People around Eu talk about Summer week 2022

Unica Radio covers the entire International Summer Week, a unique and unforgettable event that takes place every year for a week in Sardinia

International Summer Week is a meeting point for young, passionate to explore new cultures and to discover new ways to express themselves through arts. For over 20 years, we have been presenting the beauties of Sardinia to the world. Whilst simultaneously enabling our participants to discover Mediterranean life, the richness of other cultures and new ways of expression.

Every year we welcome 200 young travelers from all over Europe and the world, making ISW one of the biggest intercultural events of the summer.In addiction, this event gives us the opportunity to do many activities suche ‘pool party’, boat trips to visit inaccessible beaches on foot, sports games, sightseeing and the most important thing is that it is an international event where people from all parts and nationalities of the world come, showing that it opens the doors to you to learn about different languages, cultures, custom.

Morever at the event we also had the company of Emma Muscat, a singer who had the honor of representing Malta at Eurovision 2022. Also Unica Radio covers the entire ISW, a unique event that takes place every year in Sardinia.This year we had the opportunity to interview all the people who participated, and they told us from personal experience how the International Summer Week is really lived. For some it is their second home, for others it is a custom they have been doing for several consecutive years, and for others it is a unique experience.
We were also curious to ask the opinion of people from different countries attending the Eurovision event.

If you want to experience the International Summer Week or are interested in this unique experience, live it with us through the interviews.

About Lucía María García Dorado

Erasmu student in Cagliari. I come from Seville/Spain, 18 years old and eager to live new experiences.

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