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Picture Konstantin
Picture Konstantin

LIVE with Konstantin: the impact of local volunteering

LIVE with Konstantin: the impact of local volunteering

Konstantin is a 20-year-old German who has been involved in various local volunteering activities from his school and the local church over the past years. In this interview, he is going to speak about the importance of local volunteering, his reasons for volunteering and the benefits of being socially engaged.

After participating in an event for young people interested in volunteering when he was a teenager, Konstantin decided to give volunteering a try and has not stopped ever since. At the moment, he mainly organizes and conducts one-week field trips for children and teenagers during the summer, in which they can deal with topics such as friendship more intensively. In the years before, he was also very involved in his former school and offered, among other things, sports tournaments for its pupils.

Voluntary work has a lot of benefits for the volunteers themselves

Regardless of the fact that volunteering has an immense benefit for society, Konstantin reports that his involvement has also had benefits for him personally. For example, it has helped him to develop a lot of social skills which are indispensable if you work in a group together with other volunteers and as was the case with him do youth work in general. He also mentions that he found a lot of good friends during his social engagement. Moreover, one´s volunteering can have a positive impact when looking for a job.

He emphasizes that volunteering is extremely important for the society and a lot of events couldn’t take place if it wasn´t for voluntary helpers. Furthermore, he stresses that one doesn´t need to volunteer 5 hours a week to have a social impact but even 1 hour per month counts! Even the investment of just a little bit of your time helps to make the lives of others easier!

If you´re interested in volunteering locally or internationally, check out our other podcast episodes!

About Julie Voelkert

Hey, I am Julie from Germany. As part of my Gap Year between High School and University I am currently doing a Long-term volunteering service about human rights and volunteering in Italy. I enjoy sports in general, reading, meeting friends and Photography.

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