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Rita and volunteering

LIVE with Rita: why volunteering is important

Unica Radio Podcast
Unica Radio Podcast
LIVE with Rita: why volunteering is important

Rita Ibba is a 29 years-old student from Sardinia, from a small village named Bauladu, which is near to Oristano.

She is studying a Master in “Social Sustainability and Management of Welfare” at the University of Siena. Rita decided to study for a Masters, because thanks to her experiences abroad, she understood that she wants to become a social worker.

Her last experience of volunteering happened in January 2020, during the time of COVID-19. She had the opportunity to do a short-term volunteering program in Tunisia, which was a part of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC). In Tunisia she had the opportunity to work in a kindergarten and a youth center where she participated in organizing activities for young people and promoting volunteering.

The most important experience was during the civil service.

She did the civil service in 2018 in Peru, where she was working in an orphanage and in a center of young women victims of violence as well. In 2019 Rita was a bit confused about her life, so she started to participate in youth exchanges, which helped her to discover herself.

Rita started to do volunteering work when she was 15 years old in her small village named Bauladu. She was a part of a youth organisation called “Consulta Giovani Bauladu”. They organized a lot of events in the village she was living in, for example, cultural and music festivals, sports events and others.

Rita believes that  with small actions you can change the world. That is why different volunteering activities are really important to do in your life.

If you are interested to hear more about Rita’s impressive experiences during her civil service, youth exchanges and other activities, thoughts and suggestions about why and how to do volunteering then go on and listen to the podcast! 

About Liva Elizabete Liepina

I am a student from Latvia. Currently doing a long-term volunteering program in Cagliari which is part of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC). For the ESC project "LIVE" of TDM 2000 I take care of social media accounts to promote and raise awareness about volunteering and human rights. Love adventures and nature.

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