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LIVE with Enya: her ESC experience in Italy

Enya, former ESC volunteer

Enya is a 20-year-old from Germany. She is an active individual with a deep passion for travel, sports, and nature. Previously volunteering in Italy through the European Solidarity Corps (ESC), she currently divides her time between working on a farm …


Live with Marija: an esc experience in Zagreb

Marija in Zagreb

In this episode of the LIVE project podcast, we talk with Marija from North Macedonia who is taking part in an ESC project in Zagreb, Croatia. She found out about the volunteering opportunities with ESC last year on social media, …


LIVE with Līva: 1 year ESC volunteer in Sardinia

liva pauline

Līva is 26 years old, she’s from Latvia and volunteered with the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) for the NGO TDM 2000 based in Cagliari, Sardinia. Whereas she was initially supposed to stay 7 months, she extended her stay to 1 …


LIVE with Irina: 1 year ESC experience in Sardinia

Picture Irina

Irina is a 26-year-old Spanish journalist, who is currently in the last few weeks of her 1-year European Solidarity Corps (ESC) voluntary Service in Sardinia. She worked especially in the fields of social media and non-formal education and led her …


LIVE with Marco and Adriana: Civic Service in Italy

Erasmus interview

Marco Augusto Tuzzolino and Adriana Concas come from Palermo, Sicily, but are living in Cagliari, Sardinia. Currently, they are completing their civic service in the association TDM2000, which is located in Cagliari. Marco made a decision to do civic service …


LIVE with Stella: Experience in ESC and Erasmus+ projects


In this episode of the LIVE project podcast, we are joined by Stella Tzertzeveli, who currently lives in Thessaloniki, Greece. During our talk, Stella shares their experience as a European Solidarity Corps volunteer in Zagreb, Croatia. We also discuss the …


LIVE with Anxhela: Working Against Human Trafficking

IMG 06311

In today’s podcast episode, we meet Anxhela Bruci – a social justice activist and volunteer from Tirana, Albania. She holds an MA in Global Crime and Justice, as well as an MSc in Administration of Social Services. Driven by her …