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LIVE with Loan: Civic Service in France

LIVE with Loan: Civic Service in France

Loan Josse is 21 years old, and comes from Saint-Brieuc, France. Currently, he is completing his civic service in the association Intercultura, which is located in the city of Dinan but also works in Rennes.

Loan first encountered the team of Intercultura when he started attending different exchange projects in other countries, which the association was organizing or participating in. Their work and activities seemed very interesting and attractive to Loan, so he decided to complete his 8-month-long civic service in this association. 

Some of his tasks include assisting in project management and helping to prepare the activities and content for the events. He also needs to translate documents, prepare explanatory cards for board games, and help out with other tasks. For example, once he needed to help his colleague cook for 60 volunteers. This is something that Loan had never done before and didn’t feel very confident about, but this experience allowed him to develop new skills through an experimental learning environment. Sometimes, he also joins the team of Intercultura in different mobility projects abroad – in November he even came to Cagliari, Sardinia. 

What civic service means to him

Completing his civic service in Intercultura has allowed Loan to develop many new skills, such as working in a team. He says that before joining the association he used to be more of a solo-worker. At Intercultura, he has to collaborate with his colleagues on many tasks, which is something new but very useful. It has also allowed him to develop his public speaking skills, and boosted his confidence while communicating in another language. 

When it comes to Loan’s plans after finishing his civic service, he is not sure yet – he might go back to his studies, or he might decide to do volunteering abroad. 

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About Elizabete Zarina

I am 24 years old, and I come from Riga, Latvia. Currently, I am completing my ESC project in Cagliary, Italy. In the project, I am involved in different activities related to the promotion of volunteering and human rights. I am also passionate about project management.

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