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LIVE with Loan: Civic Service in France

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Loan Josse is 21 years old, and comes from Saint-Brieuc, France. Currently, he is completing his civic service in the association Intercultura, which is located in the city of Dinan but also works in Rennes. Loan first encountered the team …


LIVE with Marco and Adriana: Civic Service in Italy

Erasmus interview

Marco Augusto Tuzzolino and Adriana Concas come from Palermo, Sicily, but are living in Cagliari, Sardinia. Currently, they are completing their civic service in the association TDM2000, which is located in Cagliari. Marco made a decision to do civic service …


LIVE with Konstantin: the impact of local volunteering

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Konstantin is a 20-year-old German who has been involved in various local volunteering activities from his school and the local church over the past years. In this interview, he is going to speak about the importance of local volunteering, his …


LIVE with Anxhela: Working Against Human Trafficking

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In today’s podcast episode, we meet Anxhela Bruci – a social justice activist and volunteer from Tirana, Albania. She holds an MA in Global Crime and Justice, as well as an MSc in Administration of Social Services. Driven by her …


Sassari. Nuovi bandi Erasmus+ per studio e tirocinio

sassari erasmus 2023

Si comunica che in data 20 gennaio 2023 sono stati pubblicati i seguenti bandi Erasmus per l’Università di Sassari: Bando Erasmus SMS, per mobilità studentesca a fini di studio da svolgersi nell’a.a 2023/24: II riapertura bando Erasmus Traineeship 2022/23, per mobilità …


LIVE with Ozge: volunteer in the field of migration

Ozge is 24 years old, she is from Bodrum, Turkey. She’s interested in migration and human rights topics and has been actively volunteering in these fields since high school. Ozge has been volunteering for quite a long time now for …