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LIVE with Marco and Adriana: Civic Service in Italy

LIVE with Marco and Adriana: Civic Service in Italy

Marco Augusto Tuzzolino and Adriana Concas come from Palermo, Sicily, but are living in Cagliari, Sardinia. Currently, they are completing their civic service in the association TDM2000, which is located in Cagliari.

Marco made a decision to do civic service in the association TDM2000, because of their previous experience with them. In the summer of 2022, he was one of the volunteers who helped organise Intercultural Summer Week in Cagliari, Sardinia. This experience made him want to continue collaborating with the association. Adriana has a different story that leads her to make the decision to apply for civic service and do it in the association TDM2000. She is a scout leader and she is a part of this organization already for a long time. As they are doing a lot of activities to raise their competencies and help others, it made her want to do something even more for society and help them in different ways. Both Marco and Adriana are doing a 12-month-long civic service in the association TDM2000 together with two more students. 

What volunteering means to them

Completing their civic service now and doing other volunteering activities before this program, have helped them to develop many different skills and competencies. Both of them mentioned that each volunteering opportunity they had in the past managed to change them a lot. And, of course, they are not gonna stop to explore and improve themselves. Currently, they are writing a European Solidarity Corps project with other friends to do some local activities in Cagliari and improve young people’s knowledge about the environment and sustainability. They are looking forward to new challenges and opportunities to gain new knowledge and experiences. 

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About Liva Elizabete Liepina

I am a student from Latvia. Currently doing a long-term volunteering program in Cagliari which is part of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC). For the ESC project "LIVE" of TDM 2000 I take care of social media accounts to promote and raise awareness about volunteering and human rights. Love adventures and nature.

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