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LIVE with Maija: Promoting Youth Opportunities in Faenza, Italy

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Unica Radio Podcast
LIVE with Maija: Promoting Youth Opportunities in Faenza, Italy

Maija Laugale is 25 years old, and she comes from a small village in Latvia – a country in the Baltic region, located in Northern Europe.

When Maija was in high school, she actively participated in different international projects, encouraged by her English teacher. She even went to Spain for three months, which at that time was her longest project yet. After high school, she applied for a bachelor’s degree in English Philology at the University of Latvia. After graduating, she started looking for further opportunities to explore the world and promote volunteering. 

Currently, she is involved in the 12-month-long ESC project “Youth International” in Faenza, Italy, which is managed by three different organizations. She sees this as a good thing, because it makes her volunteering experience a lot more diverse and dynamic. That way, she is able to explore many different tasks, and it allows her to develop more diverse sets of skills. Most of the time, she works at a youth centre in Faenza, where she manages the centre’s social media accounts both on Facebook and Instagram. She also has a chance to help the organizations with different international projects, such as youth exchanges. Recently, she even wrote a project herself, intended to be organized next year. Additionally, she writes blogs and promotes volunteering among youngsters. This ESC project also offers her a chance to study Italian.

Maija is only halfway done with completing her ESC project – she is going to continue volunteering in Faenza until February. When asked about her future plans, she is still unsure what life has in store for her next. Ideally, she would love to continue travelling and would be very happy to find something similar to her ESC experience. She would like to find a place that allows her to both travel and explore the world, as well as develop her professional skills.

About Elizabete Zarina

I am 24 years old, and I come from Riga, Latvia. Currently, I am completing my ESC project in Cagliary, Italy. In the project, I am involved in different activities related to the promotion of volunteering and human rights. I am also passionate about project management.

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