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LIVE: Roberto tells us how to start volunteering in a local environment

LIVE: Roberto tells us how to start volunteering in a local environment

Learning through International Volunteering Experience. Sara has met Roberto, who took part in more volunteering programs in Cagliari.

Roberto is a videographer. And we all know that every organization needs a good videographer for the promotion of activities, programs and events. 

This is how he started to volunteer in TDM 2000, a few years ago. And he still does it. More about the programs he did and why he didn’t stop volunteering you can hear on the radio show “LIVE”.

Every second Friday in a month we are going to talk with a new guest. A volunteered person inside or outside of the country. As a part of the European Solidarity Corps or Servizio Civile Universale projects.

Our goal is to answer the most common questions. What are the biggest challenges and what are the best moments of living abroad? What to do when you don’t know the language of the country or what kind of programs you can participate in if you don’t have a lot of time (because you study or work)? Or how you can contribute to your community without leaving a country? If you are still not sure about going abroad or you just don’t want to leave the country. So, if you want to know more about the volunteering opportunities and to prepare yourself for everything that awaits you, this is the right channel for you. 

If you are a young person or you may know young people that want to get involved in the experience of living and/or working in an international environment – the radio show “LIVE” is for you.

Your host is Sara Đurđević, who does this radio show as a part of her long-term European Solidarity Corps volunteering program in the organization TDM 2000 in Cagliari. Stay with us and write the questions for our guests! 

About Sara Djurdjevic

A special educator by vocation, passenger by location. Live in Cagliari and work on realization project about the promotion of human rights and volunteerism through international experience, creating content for Facebook and Instagram (100volunteerdays) and blog, writing for the local newspaper (Sardegnagol - La testata delle politiche giovanili in Sardegna), and making radio show about sharing experiences of ex ESC volunteers on radio Unica ( In free time dance and write for a personal project on social networks "1906 steps" and for the Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Unit (SIPRU) Government of Serbia. Want to start living in the village and travel the world.

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